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"Raya and the Last Dragon" Releases Poster, Trailer Tomorrow


In the last decade, Disney has worked to create a more diverse array of characters, demonstrated in such films as The Princess and the Frog, Moana, and Coco. For the new film Raya and the New Dragon, it seems to be the guiding principle to create an authentic Chinese fable. To the point the original voice actress for the titular character Raya, Cassie Steele, was replaced by Kelly Marie Tran. To the point the film is co-written by Vietnamese-born Qui Nguyen and Malaysian-born Adele Lim. Perhaps the synopsis can give a hint:

A lone warrior sets out to find the last dragon in existence and save the kingdom of Kumandra from the villainous Druun.

Still, audiences won't know how authentic it is until March 12th, 2021 (Either in theaters or on Disney+ depending on how under control the COVID-19 pandemic is by then), the official trailer is confirmed to be released tomorrow to give them a sample of what's the come. To prelude that, the first official poster for the film has been released today. Check it out below:

Ray and the Last Dragon also features the voice of Awkwafina as Sisu, the titular last dragon. It is co-directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada (In addition, co-directed by Paul Briggs and John Ripa).

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