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Reedus & AMC Will Be "Undone By Blood"


It's a strong bet that Norman Reedus recent signing of a two-year first-look development deal with AMC Studios has something to do with him agreeing to return in a Daryl & Carol-focused spin-off series once The Walking Dead ends. It's a good compromise because now he might be potentially attached in the first project announced as part of that deal, one that he is already set to be an executive producer for alongside JoAnne Colonna and Amanda Vernon. An ambitious series adaptation of the comic series Undone By Blood: Or the Shadow of a Wanted Man.

Labeled as a western revenge series, the story actually has two separate storylines occurring that run alongside each other. The first setting, the main storyline, is set in the early 1970's and focuses on Ethel Grady Lane who is trying to avenge the death of her family by returning home to Sweetheart, Arizona in search of their murderer. In the process, she learns dark truths in the seemingly quaint town she grew up in. Reedus's potential role would be in the other storyline, a narrative playing out from an Old West novel that Ethel reads, focusing on famed gunslinger Solomon Eaton (Reedus). The novel's journey, which mirrors her own, helps with Lane’s decision making process.

Little else has been revealed but Zac Thompson, who was the comic's co-writer over at AfterShock Comics (Who distributed it), released a statement about the adaptation, showing much enthusiasm:

“The dual narrative structure of the story makes it perfect for the transition to television. Fans of classic Westerns will get their Sergio Leone tales of justice on the frontier. And fans of quirky Coen Brothers neo-westerns will get theirs too.”

Stay tuned!

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