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Reel to Real: Favorite On-Screen Presidents?


Reel to Real:

noun. Articles posted by Sleuth News from time-to-time that allows commentators to have their opinions put front-and-center on various subjects.


Today has been particularly stressful for people in the US as the 2020 presidential election is occurring and, at the time of this article, is still wrapping up with a pretty close match-up. But, away from politics to take a moment to enjoy the cinematic diversity (And hilarity) that sometimes comes with those who pretend to be the big man in the white house, it seems appropriate today to ask about this. Throughout the history of cinema, it seems as likely for an actor to play president at some point if they're around long enough. The list is endless. So, how about it Sleuth News commentators? Who are your favorite on-screen presidents?

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