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Reel to Real: Favorite Westerns?


Reel to Real:

noun. Articles posted by Sleuth News from time-to-time that allows commentators to have their opinions put front-and-center on various subjects.


With the pandemic still going on (Though hopefully the vaccine will help bring it to the end), a lot of people have taken the lockdown at home as a chance to catch up on their watchlists. One genre that probably could fill that is that of the Western. For our daily Movie Quote/Fact of the day, we chose the 2010 film True Grit and while that is one of the more recent Western, for decades it was a genre that ruled the screen. Not just for cost efficiency (Finding a good desert is pretty easy for location scouting), but for the mythological concept of the Old West. Everyone has seen a Western at some point or a film deeply inspired by them (Logan, War for the Planet of the Apes). So how about it, Sleuth News commentators? What are some of your favorite Westerns?

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