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Reel to Real: Release of "Tenet"?


Reel to Real:

noun. Articles posted by Sleuth News from time-to-time that allows commentators to have their opinions put front-and-center on various subjects.


News broke today that Warner Bros. is refusing to release further domestic box office information for Tenet, which writer/director Christopher Nolan touted as the first blockbuster to return to theaters since the industry-wide shutdown that occurred from the COVID-19 pandemic back in March. The only results WB would give was the film's first weekend gross which the studio did "as a courtesy". Released over Labor Day weekend, the film made around $12 million over the four-day holiday with $10 million of that coming from the standard three-day weekend. The film is projected to make even less this current weekend while the film has internationally made an addition $100 million. Experts say the film, made for a costly $200 million, will have to make around $500 million to break even. This includes marketing costs that are often not released for films and, for a film this size, is usually anywhere from $50 million to $100 million additionally to the production cost.

It's been questioned highly for WB's decision to release this film with still a bulk of the theaters in the US still shut down and only just reopening. Particularly as surveys and consensuses have been done indicating that audiences just weren't ready (Or rather comfortable) to return to the theater during this pandemic. Nolan has yet to respond to the results directly, despite heavily pushing people to return to the theater to begin with, including a TV spot he starred in for China where he convinced Chinese audiences to return to the theater (See that here).

What are your thoughts, Sleuth News commentators?

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