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"Rick and Morty" Go Live-Action in Special Clip!


Following a three week break, fifth season finale of Rick and Morty is set to air this Sunday (September 5th) on Adult Swim. As a commemoration of this, for no reason it seems other than to make fans happy, the official Twitter account for Cartoon Network has released a clip featuring live interpretations of the titular duo (confirmed to be the versions from Dimension C-132 featured in the Rick and Morty comic series). While Jaeden Martell (IT) portrays a live-action Morty, the real treat is Christopher Lloyd appearing as the mad professor himself, Rick Sanchez. Check the clip out below:

Lloyd's casting in particular is most likely a reference to the fact Rick was believed to be inspired by the actor's legendary Back to the Future character Doc Brown...albeit with a massive drinking problem and a cynical view of existence added in for more adult humor. Still, either way, it's a treat to get an idea of what a live-action version of the beloved animated comedy could look like. Stay tuned!

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