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Rocksteady Confirms "Suicide Squad" Game


Rocksteady Studios has become known for one specific game series. The Batman: Arkham titles, which have already been dubbed some of the best superhero games of all time. Since Arkham Knight, people have been clamoring for the UK-based video game developer to tackle other DC properties that others have failed at, namely Superman. While that particular property hasn't been confirmed, it was announced today that they are also working on a game centered around the popular anti-hero group Suicide Squad. This was confirmed on the studios' Twitter page with the following image that links to the original Twitter announcement:

The studio has apparently been working on it for years and the Twitter link indicated that further details about the game will be revealed at the upcoming DC FanDome virtual event on August 22nd. It is there that Warner Brothers Games Montreal is expected to be announce their own game projects with one speculated to be another Batman game of some sort based on the "Court of Owls" comic book storyline. Stay tuned!

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