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Rumor: "Metal Gear Solid" Getting Remake? Remasters to Follow?


Lately, ground-up remakes of classic video games has become all the rage. Not just for the sake of bringing nostalgic audiences to new consoles, but also updating outdated mechanics that haven't aged well. When the remakes of the second and third Resident Evil games happened, they not only enhanced the graphics but updated the gameplay from tank controls to the over-the-shoulder third person the series had started doing with Resident Evil 4. All this is to say that remakes are highly profitable and bring in both old and new audiences. And in the cases where the games work as they are, HD remasters (That give the games simply an aesthetic update) are made to graphically unite the series as a whole. This is why there has been no confirmation of a remake for Resident Evil 4 or any installment after as all games following the original three games have gotten remasters for the PS4. In addition, Final Fantasy VII also got the remake treatment earlier this year before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and rumors are flying that the original Mass Effect trilogy is going to get an HD remaster for either PS4 or PS5. Now, another series may be getting the same treatment. That of Hideo Kojima's masterpiece 1998 game Metal Gear Solid which was preceded by the original 1987 game Metal Gear that helped popularize (And some argue define) the stealth genre.

At this moment, it's simply a rumor stemming from YouTube channel RedGamingTech, a site that usually specializes in gaming hardware but is said to be quite reliable with scoops. Essentially the idea would be to do with MGS that was done with Resident Evil. The original game will get a full remake and serve as an exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC. Then, HD remasters (Presumably also for PS5 and PC) will follow for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This would put the games in line with the most recent main entries Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Which were considered the final games in the series by Kojima before he left Konami and the company went ahead with Metal Gear Survive).

At this point, no word has been given if this will occur or if Kojima himself will return to oversee the remake given his rough break from Konami that led to him forming his own video game company whose launch title was the acclaimed 2018 game Death Stranding. Kojima famously broke with Konami after his proposed Silent Hill game was cancelled by the company (Which audiences managed to get a taste of with the "playable teaser" P.T. before it was taken down from the PlayStation store after the main game was cancelled). At this point, nothing is certain but given the flow of remakes happening to profit off classic games that avid players can't get access to, it's a strong possibility. Stay tuned!

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