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Rumor: Sacha Baron Cohen to Play Mephisto in the MCU?


When Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was starting to market itself, there was rumor that Mephisto was the secret villain of the film. Marvel's equivalent of the devil, he is now rumored to be in the upcoming Disney+ series Ironheart with supernatural elements already confirmed thanks to actor Anthony Ramos who is co-starring in that show as the villain The Hood. The Hood, in the original comics, got his mystical-based powers from Dormammu who already has been given a cinematic adaptation when he played the big bad in the original 2016 Doctor Strange film. Now, following whispers on the matter that have been circulating for several weeks, a strong rumor is circulating that comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen may be set to play Mephisto with many theorizing Ironheart will switch out Dormammu for Mephisto.

The rumor got boosted by Deadline in a report that also speculates the character will be involved in the WandaVision spinoff series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos. For now, nothing is officially certain though Mephisto has long been hoped for by fans as the character also has ties to popular gothic characters like Ghost Rider. That being said, with Jonathan Majors already being advertised as the big bad for the next set of Avengers films, it's a wonder if Mephisto might be held back to avoid too many all-powerful enemies for the heroes. Sadly, we won't know one way or another until the Ironheart premieres in late-2023. Stay tuned!

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