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"Russian Doll" Season 2 Casts Copley


Russian Doll gained quite the following both from fans and professionals of the industry alike. Season one managed to pull in thirteen Emmy Award nomiations (Winning three of them) and now the popular Netflix show is set to return for a second season with lead star Natasha Lyonne returning. And now, Sharlto Copley has joined the craziness.

Copley's role is being kept under wraps though so it the plotline for season two. Season one followed the classic Groundhogs Day situation, following Lyonne as a woman in New York who is trapped in an endless time loop, one in which she is forced to repeatedly attend and die at her own birthday party.

With season two having just begun production, hopefully some more light will be shed. Stay tuned!

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14. Apr. 2021

Didn't watch. Don't see a reason to start now.

Gefällt mir
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