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Russo Brothers' "The Gray Man" Delays Production


Directing duo Anthony and Joe Russo's next lined up project, The Gray Man, based on the novel series by author Mark Greaney, has had it's production delayed despite being set to start in mid-January. Following directing Avengers: Endgame, their highly anticipated follow-up, set-up over at Netflix with a $200 million budget, the delay is currently expected to be minimum, estimated around two weeks.

The film stars Ryan Gosling stars in the film as an ex-CIA operative who becomes a killer for hire and is pursued by a former colleague (Played by Chris Evans). Ana de Armas, who co-starred with Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 and with Evans in Knives Out, is also confirmed as part of the cast. Due to the ambitious storyline, which has had its sets under construction in the Long Beach area of southern Los Angeles County, the pause is believed to be due to the relatively high numbers of personnel required for the film, but with California hitting record numbers in COVID-19 cases in recent days, it was decided to halt filming for the time being. The delay is expected to be minimal, and other locations haven't been considered, due to the film having previously been selected for a $20 million production tax credit allocation to shoot in California. That credit is based on condition of beginning filming by a certain deadline. Stay tuned!

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