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"Rust" Set Shooting Aftermath Footage Released



The video in this article contains graphic imagery and descriptions.


On October 21st of lasy year, 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchings was shot and killed by a prop gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin during the rehearsal of a scene for the western film Rust. As the time, it was revealed that the firearm was reportedly loaded with live ammunition prior to the shooting, though blame has been scattershot leading to a nightmare of evidence, eyewitnesses in trying to determine who should be held responsible for Hutchings' death.

Amongst all the finger-pointing, the facts are these. There had been previously reported issues regarding a lack of firearm safety on the set. On-set armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed was the first to face scrutiny. Despite previously stating that she has no idea how the live rounds were brought on-set, it had been revealed that she had already been criticized for two previous on-set misfires. Again, Gutierrez Reed said she was not responsible for those misfires. Baldwin himself has admitted to pointing the gun at Hutchins per her request during rehearsal, although he claims that he never pulled the trigger.

While the investigation is ongoing, the Santa Fe County Sheriff's office (via The Guardian) has released body camera footage of the immediate aftermath of the fatal shooting. Not only does it follow the cop's arrival on the scene to find Hutchins on the floor of the church at the Bonanza Creek Ranch surrounded by paramedics, but Baldwin can also be seen immediately following the incident, waiting outside of the church as the police officer discusses the situation with him. Baldwin and director Joel Souza (who was hit by the bullet after it passed through Hutchins) are later seen giving their accounts of what happened during the incident.

The footage can be viewed below:

While the video's release seems to help create a clearer picture of a tragedy that has led to many Hollywood studios considering or implementing no further use of live arms on productions, it demonstrates the absolute chaos involved in the situation. Will the buck be continuously passed or will a definite offender be discovered in all this calamity? Stay tuned!

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