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"Scenes From a Marriage" Swaps Williams for Chastain


Last time Jessica Chastain teamed up with Oscar Isaac, audiences got the 2014 crime epic A Most Violent Year. So it's pretty exciting for fans of that film, and these actors, to hear that Chastain will be reteaming with Isaac for the upcoming HBO limited series Scenes From a Marriage. Chastain will replace Michelle Williams who has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

The series is being planned as a contemporary adaptation of the 1970's miniseries of the same name created originally Ingmar Bergman. The original miniseries starred Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson as a couple whose marriage disintegrates over a 10 year period. In an additional twist, Ullmann's wife character also happened to be a family therapist specializing in divorce.

The new adaptation will hail from Hagai Levi who will also executive produce the series alongside Isaac, Chastain, Amy Herzog, Michael Ellenberg, Lars Blomgren, Daniel Bergman and Blair Breard. Stay tuned!

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