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Screen Rant Creates Poster for Zack Snyder's "Justice League"


At 2:30pm (Pacific Time), Zack Snyder will unveil the first trailer for his long-awaited cut of Justice League, which will premiere on HBO Max sometime in early 2021. While some just want the divisive "Snyderverse" corner of the DC Extended Universe to close shop, it's a testament to what fan support is capable of in a positive way. If anything, it's a sign of challenging studio interference, not to usurp, but simply help studios succeed. While not everyone preferred Snyder's version of the DC heroes, he at least had a unique vision. Batman v Superman, while choppy and disorienting in it's theatrical cut, was far better received when Snyder's original 3-hour "Ultimate Cut" was released. Hopefully, audiences will be treated similarly here with the good will they've given to Snyder's vision.

In any case, people are excited and movie news site Screen Rant has even created a custom poster to herald the trailer to come later today that teases some of the more promising aspects of the Snyder Cut, including a black suited Superman and a more vicious tone that puts it more in line with Snyder's other DCEU films. Check it out below:

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