Set Photos: Joaquin Phoenix on Set of Ridley Scott's "Napoleon"


In the midst of filming in Greenwich, south-east London, actor Joaquin Phoenix has been spotted in character on-the-set of director Ridley Scott's biographical film Napoleon. The casting of 5ft 8in Phoenix actually will correct an often historical misunderstanding about the 18th century military leader, namely that despite rumors of Napoleon's tiny frame, he was actually believed to be closer to 5ft 7in which was average height at that time in history. Check out the set photos below:

The film, originally titled Kitbag, will explore Napoleon's climb to power through his relationship with his wife Josephine who will be played by Vanessa Kirby. Jodie Comer was originally set to play the role, following her work in Scott's previous historical drama The Last Duel (2021) but had to opt out due to scheduling conflicts. Still, most are still quite excited to see Phoenix and Scott reunite, the first time the two have worked together since their 2000 acclaimed film Gladiator.

Napoleon will co-star Tahar Rahim as French politician Paul Barras, the main executive leader of the Directory regime of 1795–1799. Barras was responsible for giving Napoleon position of general in the battalion of Italians and also helped facilitate the marriage between Bonaparte and Josephine. The film is scheduled to be released on AppleTV+.

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