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Short Film: "Rugrats: Tommy's Ball"


Older audiences didn't respond too well to the first trailer for the upcoming Rugrats reboot, notably because of the decision to update from the handdrawn animation of the original cartoon to CG animation. Paramount seems to have anticipated this and, in hopes of warming up audiences, are releasing four short films before the new series premieres on Paramount+ on May 27th and, after the premiere of the new series, all of the shorts will arrive on the Paramount+ YouTube channel on May 28.

The first three shorts will be almost shot-for-shot remakes of classic scenes from the original cartoon, followed by one more short that will be an original story. (Perhaps to show the new series will maintain the spirit of the older cartoon?) The first one released today is a remake of the scene where Angelica takes Tommy’s favorite ball, and when she throws it into the yard next door, the babies have to come up with a plan to get it back. Check it out below with the original handdrawn scene below it for reference:

The next two shorts, “The Slide” and “The Lamp”, will arrive soon. The fourth and final short will be titled “Night Howl" and follow Tommy as he goes on an adventure with his dog Spike when the canine companion wakes up the toddler for a nighttime outing to see a full moon. Stay tuned!

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