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Snyder's "Rebel Moon" Begins Production


Reportedly split into two-parts, Zack Snyder's new film Rebel Moon is essentially another example of Snyder getting a do-over. After getting a chance to finally bring his vision of Justice League to the screen (to much better reviews than the stitched together 2017 theatrical version), he is taking full advantage of Netflix's willingness to splurge on passion projects for big names. They have already shown a liking to Snyder by funding his massive film Army of the Dead along with the prequel film Army of Thieves and the upcoming anime-style series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Rebel Moon, however, is set to be his most ambitious project with either Warner Bros. or Netflix. One that Snyder has described as being "as big as you can make a movie" and likening it's scope to the opening Krypton war scenes from his 2013 film Man of Steel but "on the biggest steroids I can give it." Now, Snyder has confirmed this ambitious project has begun production with some production photos of the set along with a picture of actor Djimon Hounsou in costume as his character, General Titus, the villain of the story.

Originally a rejected pitch for a Star Wars movie, has been redesigned as an original feature, though still retains it's basic premise, written in the vain of Seven Samurai. (Akira Kurasawa films were a major inspiration for the original Star Wars films)

Early concept art for the film.

The story will see the people of a galaxy sending a young woman named Kora (Sofia Boutella) to seek out warriors from other planets to help them from the tyrannical armies that are terrorizing their peaceful colony. Screenwriters Shay Hatten and Kurt Johnstad co-penned the script alongside Snyder with a tentative release date of 2023 for the first part. Stay tuned!

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