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Snyder Teases Final Battle of His "Justice League"


Zack Snyder has been working hard to emphasize how different his cut of Justice League will be from the theatrical version audiences originally got in 2017. Yesterday, he gave indications of how characters like Cyborg and Superman, who had trimmed down characters arcs in the theatrical version, will have more to their stories this time (See the reel here). And today, he's sought to show the biggest difference...the final battle scene. Snyder's version originally envisioned a battleground darkened by shadows, but the version Whedon presented saw an ugly red tint given to the final battle.

It was REALLY hard on the eyes.

The title image to this article links to another post Snyder has made today that briefly teases the original cold and dark setting for the final battle of the Justice League against Steppenwolf and the Parademons. And, possibly, death among one of the members of newly formed JLA. Check it out above and stay tuned!

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