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Special: "Thundercats" Intro Given CG Update by Fan


Often, fan affection for classic television (Or film, but in this case television) goes unnoticed because it's a mile a minute when it comes to the sheer volume of output given. Through fan art, short films, and even sometimes short series. But earlier this year, noted Youtube artist Mike Bender decided to learn how to use 3D animation software like Blender (and its MB-Labs plugin) and Adobe After Effects in the hope of doing some simple effects work. In his own words, he “got a little bit carried away”.

And in that he created a 3D CG animated fan remake of the opening credits of the famed 1980's animated TV series Thundercats which has now gone online via his YouTube channel. The project is a fan film, simply made for fellow fans of the nostalgic favorite centered around the adventures of a team of cat-like humanoid aliens who abandon their dying home world and land on Third Earth only to find themselves at odd with a demonic, mummified sorcerer known as Mumm-Ra.

Check out the CG remake below along with a video made to compare it to the original animated version:

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