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"Star Wars: The Bad Batch" Debuts Official Trailer & Poster


I can imagine no fan of the Clone Wars era of the Star Wars franchise is complaining too much about the continuation series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Especially as the story itself will deal with the titular clone squad following the emotional gut-punch ending of the final season of The Clone Wars. The new series will see the titular clone squad seeking to find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars and Order 66 that saw their brothers turning on the Republic and giving rise to the Empire.

The unique squad of clones, each possessing an exceptional skill due to genetic variance that separates them from other clones, will need every extraordinary talent they have to survive. And as the official trailer released today points's not going to be an easy journey...but it will be quite fun:

Star Wars: The Bad Batch will premiere with a special 70-minute episode on May 4th on Disney+. The series will then have new episodes every Friday starting on May 7th. In addition, check out a new poster for the series below:

Stay tuned!

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