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"Star Wars: The High Republic" Debuts Official Launch Trailer

"We are the guardians of peace and justice. Beyond the stars is a near-endless frontier. Our order was meant to shine its light in even the darkest corners of the galaxy. There, we found an evil that none of us had trained for, that threatens all we know. For the survival of the Republic, the fate of all Jedi, for control of the Force itself…"

There can be some question about multimedia franchises that are so tightly connected that they force any fan to dedicate their time (and money) into every piece of media for to fully comprehend those stories. That being said, for the most dedicated fans, it can be quite an experience. At least, that is Lucasfilm's hope with their planned “interconnected mega-story” that's been titled Star Wars: The High Republic. As the above narration indicates, which is present in the launch trailer below, the story deals with the Jedi Order centuries before the Skywalker family when the Order was at the height of it's power:

The High Republic is set cross into the arenas of comics, novels, middle-grade books, and even shows, notably with the recently announced Disney+ TV series Star Wars: Acolyte. You can check out the official site (Check it out here) which will reveal in the coming months more information on the new batch of characters to come. Stay tuned!

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