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Starz's "Death and Nightingales" Debuts Official Trailer


Popping up late last night, the official trailer has been released for the upcoming limited series Death and Nightingales, based on Eugene McCabe’s 1992 novel of the same name. Though, interesting to note, the series actually debuted in the UK back in 2018 to strong reviews. It will finally make it's premiere in the states on Starz on Sunday, May 16th at 10 pm EST. The synopsis is as follows:

Set over a desperately tense 24-hour period, it’s Beth Winters’ (Played by Ann Skelly) 23rd birthday – the day she has decided to join the charming Liam Ward (Played by Jamie Dornan) and escape from her limited life and difficult Protestant landowner stepfather Billy (Played by Matthew Rhys).

.Check out the official trailer below:

Stay tuned!

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