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"Stranger Things" Teases New Monster in Season 4 Poster


Released on his official Twitter account, Kyle Lambert has released his new poster design for the long-delayed season 4 of Stranger Things. Lambert has designed the previous posters for the series and while he keeps to many of the same stylings, the new poster gives off a more epic tone. The new season will finally land on Netflix with the first volume set to premiere on May 27th while the second volume will premiere on July 1st. The season will consist of nine episodes. Check it out below:

The illustrated retro-style poster, keeping in line with the show's nostalgic style, features a central location of the new season, the haunted Creel house. In addition, the face of Vecna, the new monster of the season, is teased in the above area of the poster. The new season will notably take place a majority of the season outside Hawkins, Indiana, a first for the series. Stay tuned!

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