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Super Bowl Ad: "Poker Face"


Everything about the hit Peacock show Poker Face screams subversion. Not only is the creation of Rian Johnson (who is still famously known for "ruining" Star Wars with actually pretty good eighth installment, The Last Jedi), but also stars Natasha Lyonne who spent years in obscurity following her co-starring work in films like American Pie. Now, however, she has followed up her acclaimed work in the Netflix series Russian Doll by starring in Poker Face as the Columbo-inspired lead Charlie Cale, a casino worker with the ability to tell if someone is lying who goes on the run yet finds herself entangled in "case of the week" murder mysteries along the way.

With ambition to expand it beyond it's already critical and commercial success, Peacock has released a fun Super Bowl Ad for the show that lets Lyonne have some fun in her popular role. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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