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"Supernatural" Debuts Trailer for Final Episodes

Supernatural is a show that has survived nearly everything a show could have thrown at it. Low ratings, it's third season had been shortened due to the Writers Strike of 2007-2008, it was moved to the Friday death slot multiple times, and it's original creator Eric Kripke left after his original five-season plan was over. And yet, in it's swan song 15th season, it met it's match. The COVID-19 pandemic which shutdown production of any live-action film or television show. And yet, as the Winchesters themselves have proven, nothing stays dead long.

And with that, the final seven episodes of this long-running action/horror series that has covered everything from Christianity to multiple dimensions to folk lore of every type will finally get it's due. It's final bow. The first of the last seven episodes are expected to begin on Thursday, October 8th with the series finale set to happen on Thursday, November 19th (Following an hour-long retrospective titled Supernatural: The Long Road Home). And today, the CW has released a trailer to welcome back the show's return after the long break. Check it out below:

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