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"Sweat" Debuts Official Trailer & Poster


The upcoming film Sweat is not a quirky commentary on social media stars. In fact, judging by the first trailer, the film will actually work to give intense scrutiny on the matter. After having released at the Cannes Film Festival last year to strong reviews, this film directed by Swedish filmmaker Magnus von Horn will release in select theaters on Friday, June 18th, followed by a streaming release online on the MUBI platform on Friday, July 23rd. The synopsis is as follows:

Beloved fitness influencer Sylwia (Played by Magdalena Koleśnik) seemingly has it made: hundreds of thousands of social media followers, endorsement deals, photo spreads in magazines. But as she starts to share more and more online, the rising pressure from concerned sponsors and increasingly obsessive fans forces her to confront her deepest insecurities and the exhaustive demands of her lifestyle.

It will be a hard viewing for anyone who has experienced such pressures of having a social media presence, as the first poster indicates:

In any case, check out the official (and somewhat disturbing) trailer for Sweat below:

Stay tuned!

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