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Teaser: "Y: The Last Man" TV Series


The attempts at adapting the comic book series Y: The Last Man are so vast and varied that it's amazing that it's finally coming to Hulu as a series. Originally, the Brian K. Vaughan/Pia Guerra-written story was set to be a movie back in the late-2000's as the start of a planned film trilogy. That version came to an end back in 2013 when the rights reverted back to Vaughan and the upcoming TV series began development as far back as 2015, though it's finally coming to fruition, confirmed by a teaser released today that confirms, if anything, the show is finally coming. Check it out below:

As the teaser indicates, the show will focus on the character of Yorick Brown (Played by Ben Schnetzer), the only man on Earth to survive a cataclysmic event that decimates every mammal with a Y chromosome. Well...him and his pet monkey. The series will follow the survivors in this new world as they struggle with their efforts to restore what was lost and the opportunity to build something better. Hopefully, the decade-plus development will lead to an adaptation that fans old and new can be proud of.

The series is set to premiere on Fox on Hulu on September 21st. Stay tuned!

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