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Terence Winter Developing New True Crime Series


Terence Winter is a screenwriter with quite the credentials. Not only did he write a good amount of episodes for the acclaimed HBO series Sopranos, but he also created the critically acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire for the same network. Not to mention he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. If anyone has truly mastered the crime drama at this point, it's Winter. So it's probably a good bet the upcoming true crime limited series he's creating based on the 2003 novel Friends of the Family will be another gritty and poignant tale.

The novel was actually written by former NYPD Detective Tommy Dades, former Brooklyn prosecutor Mike Vecchione, and author David Fisher. With that real world-experience, a gritty tale was told of the true story chronicles of Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito. Two decorated NYPD police detectives to the public, they secretly worked on behalf of the New York mafia’s Lucchese and Gambino crime families. As a result, they committed serious crimes ranging from murder. When they were exposed, you can guess it made national headlines, having received thousands in monthly payoff money in exchange for confidential information on police informants and investigations. Both are now in prison for life.

The series is untitled for now so unsure if it will use the title from the book. It's confirmed that the novel's co-writer Dades will work with Winter along with consulting (Along with several other key people from the events that concurred). The project is being developed over at Asterlight. It's unknown if the series will go to HBO as Boardwalk Empire did. A strong bet is it could end up on HBO Max either simultaneously to it's airing on HBO or solely on the streaming service. Stay tuned!

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