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"The Accountant" Sequel Official, Affleck & Director Returning


Pretty much talked about since the first film made $155 million on a $44 million budget in 2016, a sequel to The Accountant is finally moving forward. In addition, Gavin O'Connor is returning as director and Ben Affleck is reprising his role as Chris Wolff, the titular accountant with high functioning autism who secretly works as an accountant for criminal organizations, un-cooking their books. Speaking with CinemaBlend following the announcement, O’Connor had this to say:

“We are doing an Accountant sequel. We literally just closed that deal. We’re doing The Accountant again…I’ve always wanted to do three because what, the second one’s going to be more with — we’re going to integrate his brother into the story. So there’ll be more screen time for Bernthal in the second one. And then the third movie’s going to be, I call it, ‘Rain Man on steroids.’ The third movie is going to be the two brothers, this odd couple. The third one is going be a buddy picture.”

The two brothers in question are Affleck's character and Jon Bernthal's character Braxton who was revealed at the end of the first film to be Chris's brother. It's unknown yet if Bernthal is returning though O'Connor's quote seems to indicate his return is also in the works. There also was no confirmation on whether any of the other first film's co-stars would be returning either for the sequel (including Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, and John Lithgow). Stay tuned!

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