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"The Atlantic City Story" Debuts Teaser


Film festivals really are fascinating. They introduce audiences to films nobody would otherwise hear of. It's like the "secret menu" of the film industry. Would you know about the indie film Fugitive Dreams otherwise. Highly unlikely (And you can see the trailer for that film here). Nor would you know about the upcoming indie drama The Atlantic City Story which is to have it's world premiere at the Denver Film Festival.

This will be accomplished through a virtual premiere that you can already access and, if once a ticket is purchased, viewers will also get access to a filmmaker Q&A session that will play immediately after the film. Virtual screenings can be accessed until 11:45 P.M. EDT on November 8. You can get the tickets for the film here and check out a complete list of films that will be apart of the Denver Film Festival here. The official synopsis is as follows:

Jane Carver (Played by Jessica Hecht) is an unhappily married woman who runs away from home in a moment of crisis and goes to Atlantic City for the weekend. While there, she meets a young gambler (Played by Mike Faist) and an unlikely bond grows between them. However, they soon realize they cannot run from their problems forever, and together they must find the strength to go on.

Today, the official teaser for the film has been released. Check it out below:

The Atlantic City Story is the directorial debut of Henry Butash, known for his work on several recent Terrence Malick films as a post-production assistant, namely Knight of Cups and Song to Song. Stay tuned!

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