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"The Comeback Trail" Debuts Official Trailer


In a fun bit of news for cinephiles, Robert De Niro will be re-teaming with George Gallo, who wrote the script for De Niro's 1982 classic Midnight Run. And this time, George not only is sharing co-writing duties with Josh Posner, he's also taking the helm for a remake of Harry Hurwitz’s 1982 film The Comeback Trail.

Like the original, De Niro will play a film producer, this time named Max Barber, in debt to the mob (Led by Morgan Freeman) who finances a badly written Western movie in the hopes of the production killing its aging star (Played by Tommy Lee Jones). One catch...Duke is apparently immortal. He not only plays a daily game of Russian Roulette, but the trailer indicates he will, at least, survive a fall into a massive canyon and being engulfed in flames. Check out the full trailer below:

The Comeback Trail is set to open in theaters on November 13th.

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Sep 05, 2020

Will pirate.

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