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"The Devil Has a Name" Debuts Official Trailer


Another film that sort of got lost in the mix during the COVID-19 pandemic is the Edward James Olmos-directed film The Devil Has a Name. Olmos also stars in this dark comedy as a bullish farmer whose water has been poisoned by an oil company and goes head-to-head with that company's psychotic matriarch (Played by Kate Bosworth). Without a doubt, a fascinating dive could ensue into the conflict between old American values and new American industry.

Originally premiering at the 2019 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, the film will have a limited theatrical release on October 16th this year but will also be released on VOD and other digital platforms that same day. There is little known how the film was received last year (Although it possesses one positive review on Rotten Tomatoes). However, today, the official trailer for the film has been released so you can judge for yourself. Check it out below:

The Devil Has a Name co-stars David Strathairn, Pablo Schreiber, Katie Aselton, Haley Joel Osment, Alfred Molina, and Martin Sheen. Stay tuned!

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