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"The Last of Us Part II" Discusses Sound Effects in New Featurette


The Last of Us Part II has received some of the best reviews of any Playstation 4 game and it's sales is also something to boast about. But perhaps one thing that makes this game and it's predecessor so interesting to play is it's visceral immersion. The level of detail of the characters, the realism of little things such as a kiss or lighting. But one thing that truly gives this particular game it's edge is it's sound editing that adds nuance to every emotional scene. Whether it's the score or the sound effects (Down to the littlest detail such as a guitar string being plucked), you enter the game and you enter a world. And today, Beau Anthony Jimenez, the game's sound designer, has released a video detailing how he accomplished some of that auditory detail. Check it out below:

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Aug 08, 2020

Got woke. Went broke.

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