"The Mandalorian" Confirms Season 2 Premiere, Logo Updated


Finishing your season 2 production before a global pandemic shuts down productions for months and you get to premiere that season on schedule. This is the way. And because they did, The Mandalorian, which since it's first season has employed a unique real-time virtual set design for most of it's shooting, will get to premiere it's sophomore season as originally intended. And now, fans will be happy to know that it's officially been confirmed to premiere on October 30th on Disney+. The above image, which sports an updated logo for the new season and features fan favorite Baby Yoda, links to the Twitter page for the show that confirmed it this morning. It says new episodes, as in plural, which could mean fans might get more than one on the premiere date, although the show could still air it's episodes weekly as the first season did. Either way, we will get to find out in less than two months. Stay tuned!

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