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"The New Mutants" Brandishes Release with Poster & Clip


It's amazing how, despite the fact The New Mutants wasn't the long-awaited masterpiece everyone hoped it would be, that the film (And it's cast) are just happy it's finally been released at all. Co-star Maisie Williams actually put up one of the bad reviews for the film on her Twitter which labeled it "The worst X-Men film of all time". Although technically, The Dark Phoenix holds that title as it currently holds a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes while The New Mutants is currently holding at 29%. For them, they wear the film's release as a badge of honor which is fair because apparently at one point Fox was thinking of scrapping the film all together. So, it really is a miracle the film has seen a theatrical release. The poster released today pokes fun at that.

All while Sleuth News will be giving it's review of the film tomorrow, one can't argue the film dared to try and be something different amidst the mostly action-driven X-Men franchise. And the clip released today points to the fact that an effort was made to tie mutants to inner darkness:

The New Mutants co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga. It is directed by Josh Boone (Who co-wrote the script with Knate Lee).

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Aug 30, 2020

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