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"The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" Rights Optioned for Film Adaptation


Comic book movies are still so in demand that studios are looking high and low for potential properties to adapt. Next up, Image Comics 2011, six-issue series The Strange Talent of Luthor Strode which will see it's creators, Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore, serve as producers of the adaptation while Jordan will adapt the script solo. The series has been optioned by Allnighter with Jordan releasing a statement speaking quite highly of their involvement:

"Allnighter is dedicated to staying true to all of the foundations – from the tone to the mythology, and, of course, the kinetic action”.

The creators actually intended the story as a slasher movie combined with the premise of Spider-Man, essentially what would happen had Peter Parker not had Uncle Ben as a moral anchor. The result of this idea is series titular character Luther Strode, a skinny teenager who lives with his mother. Desiring to gain muscle quickly, he orders the "Hercules Method" from a catalog he finds in the back of a comic book which gives him enhanced physical abilities...along with increasing homicidal tendencies. Probably doesn't help that the instruction manual that gives him his powers is actually from a murder cult and it's as old as the human race.

What might become of this project is pretty up-in-the-air given the backlog of projects being greenlit in an industry that's been slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but should the film be made it sounds like something in the vein of Deadpool in both lunacy and violence. But who knows? Stay tuned!

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