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Tom Cruise Space Film Gets Literal Launch Date


Earlier this year, the answer to the question we've pondered on came. How would Tom Cruise top himself? He's held his breath under water for a near 5-minute long take, he's held onto the outside of a plan on take-off, he's hung on the outside of the tallest building, and he's done a halo jump...and that's just the Mission: Impossible films. But, anyway, the answer came. Tom Cruise will team up with his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, Elon Musk, and NASA to make a movie actually filmed in space. And now, it's been made a little more of a reality today with confirmation on when they will launch into space.

Confirmed today by the official Twitter account of the Space Shuttle Almanac, which covers all space-related stories, it's been confirmed that in October of 2021, Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, who holds two NASA spacewalk records, will pilot a Space X Crew Dragon Axiom Tourist Flight in October 2021 with Cruise and director Doug Liman onboard. This confirms that the project is in fact happening. However, there is still no details about what the film will be about or even it's official title. Let alone a release date...although Cruise needs to survive first. Hopefully, we'll know more soon as that's more than a year away, following Cruise finishing filming on the back-to-back productions of the next two Mission: Impossible films. Stay tuned!

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