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Trailer: Amazon's "SOLOS" Series


In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator David Weil had this to say about his upcoming Amazon anthology series Solos:

“A lot of the inspiration for [it] came from things I’m not allowed to do as a writer. In film and television, you’re really not allowed to have a 30-minute monologue, though I would love to in every episode of something I write.”

That essentially sums up the seven-part anthology series that will land in it's entirety on Amazon on May 21st. Bringing together Oscar-winning talent such as Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman (along with fellow actors Anthony Mackie, Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu), the series spans our present and future and grapples with a slew of fascinating concepts. Utilizing time travel, A.I. bots, solo trips to the farthest reaches of the universe, scheming smart homes, a mysterious waiting room, near-future fertility treatments, and illegal memory transplants, Weil's series hopes to illuminate the deeper meaning of human connection.

As the official trailer shows, it's going to be one strange journey after another that will bind seemingly unconnected people by the human experience:

Weil executive produces the project alongside Laura Lancaster while Pixie Wespiser is serving as a producer. With seven-episodes, Weil will make his directorial debut, helming three episodes, while Sam Taylor-Johnson directs (and executive produces) two episodes. Zach Braff and Tiffany Johnson will each direct one of the two remaining episodes. Stay tuned!

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