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Trailer: Apple's "Extrapolations"


Scott Z. Burns first came to prominence writing Steven Soderbergh's haunting disaster flick Contagion which gained further prominence as the COVID-17 pandemic happened. Mostly though, he's more often known for projects based on true stories or based in real science. In addition to Contagion, he also wrote the scripts for Soderbergh's The Informant! (2009), Side Effects (2013), and The Laundromat (2019). Combine that with his directorial efforts Pu-239 (2006) and The Report (2017), along with co-writing The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) and being a producer on 2006's The Inconvenient Truth, what you have is a creative force who thrives in putting a mirror to society and asking "Are you really okay with this?" A question he's set to scream on a megaphone for his upcoming eight-episode Apple TV+ miniseries Extrapolation, an anthology that will track the theoretical effects climate change will have on people and the world in the decades to come.

Drier weather + forestation + people = bonfire of mother nature

The official trailer released today makes sure to emphasize time and the lack of foresight the world seems to have in regards to it's actions. Not just in regards to climate change (to do just that be too preachy), but on the way we perceive our relationships with each other. Our grudges, our hopes, and our worries. With a stacked cast that ranges from acclaimed film actors like Meryl Streep and Edward Norton to TV favorites like Kit Harrington and Matthew Rhys, if the concept doesn't intrigue, perhaps the collection and range of talent might. Decide for yourself by checking out the trailer below:

Extrapolation is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on March 17th.

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