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Trailer: Carol Doda Documentary "Topless at the Condor"


Occasionally, a documentary can offer a combination of historical correlation and titillating material...yes you can guess what part of titillating I am winking about but please...

In any case, the upcoming documentary Carol Doda Topless at the Condor tells the story of Carol Doda, a San Francisco cocktail waitress became one of the city’s most popular entertainers after making her debut as America’s first topless dancer. She had even wider exposure due to the city serving as the backdrop for the 1964 Republican Convention all while in the midst of the 1960's feminist movement. This combination and placement in history allowed Doda to defy convention and the law by gyrating atop a white baby grand piano and turning a North Beach nightclub into the city’s second-most-popular tourist attraction after the Golden Gate Bridge. Not to mention, Doda’s very public use of silicone to enhance her breasts launched a new industry all in itself.

Obviously, this story won't be for all ages, hence the first trailer for this documentary being red-band. Even in the trailer, Doda quotes rather directly, “I want to be in show business, and I don’t know any other way than by showing my business.” As you can guess, the trailer doesn't hide anything about her business...literally:

Carol Doda Topless at the Condor is co-directed and produced by Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker, with Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich and Vincent Palomino additionally producing. Following it's premiere at Telluride before screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival, the film is now being distributed by Picturehouse is distributing, starting with a limited release on March 22 in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, followed by a national release. Stay tuned!

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