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Trailer: CW's "Kung Fu" Reboot


CW has had a pattern for several years. Either they provide a majority of the TV side of the DC Universe or keeping long-running shows going with spin-offs. While they do some original content such as Riverdale, their new reboot of the classic David Carradine-starring show Kung Fu follows up their previous Charmed reboot. Essentially, same story, but the characters are swapped out. Judging by the trailer, however, it's a little more relaxed in terms of set-up.

The original show saw Carradin's character as an orphan trained at a monastery his whole life before going on the run in the US after killing the man who killed his master. However, the new one sees actress Olivia Liang star as Nicky Chen, a Chinese-American college dropout...going through a quarter-life crisis (Yes, that's a thing apparently). She trains at a monastery to find purpose and returns to her community to fight crime. Essentially, it sounds like a crime-fighting series with little to do with the original concept beyond the monastery-angle. At least, that's what the trailer presents. Check it out below:

The Kung Fu reboot is set to premiere on the CW on Wednesday, April 7th.

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