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Trailer: Enhanced Edition of "Blade Runner" Game


Seems like half of a game studio's revenue is doing upgraded remakes of classic games. Another game to be added to that list is the 1997 adventure game Blade Runner, based on the 1988 film of the same name. Handled by Nightdive Studios, and developed by famed Command and Conquer developers Westwood Studios, the game was a well-received licensed title, expanding on the movie's plotline with a side story where players took control of Ray McCoy, a detective charged with hunting down replicants. Following a series of flip flop ownership of the game following it's original publisher, Virgin Interactive, ceasing to exist in 2003, GOG managed to secure a release of the PC game on its storefront late last year which allowed the rights to free up and Nightdive Studios to work on an Enhanced Edition of the game.

Now, to show HOW enchanced this new version will be, Nightdive released a trailer on YouTube that compares the new cinematics from the enhanced edition right next to the original game's cutscenes. Their goal is to preserve the game's original look while smoothing effect is being applied throughout the cinematics. Check it out below:

During the conference that revealed this trailer, fans notably have shown a distaste for the new look, going as far as many replying to the trailer's tweet on Nightdive's official page with the query of whether or not the original scenes will be available in the new version. No response has been given yet so fans may have to accept the new look.

The game will be hitting consoles on XboxOne, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Stay tuned!

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