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Trailer: HBO Max's "The Event"


There are a lot of popular chefs that have shows about their experiences as culinary masters. However, Wolfgang Puck has become known as a chef for the industry, often using his company, Wolfgang Puck Catering, to work some of the biggest events of Hollywood from the SAG Awards to premiere parties for shows. Now, ordered last January before the pandemic, an unscripted four-part series titled The Event will center around behind-the-scenes preparations for particular events is coming to HBO Max on January 14th.

Each episode will features a different high-profile event from the SAG Awards to HBO’s Westworld premiere party . However, the series will also offer access to trade secrets and an unprecedented look into the creative development, planning, and immense scope of running a world-renowned catering company. Puck himself also serves as an executive producer on the series. Now, the official trailer for the series has been released which you can check out below:

Stay tuned!

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