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Trailer: "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" Special Episode


Last year, the six-episode HBO series I'll Be Gone in the Dark delved into Michelle McNamara as she writes a book about and investigates the cold case of the Golden State Killer. McNamara, who passed in 2016, was the late wife of comedian Patton Oswalt. Thanks to her research, the Golden State Killer was identified after her death to be Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. While the upcoming special episode of the series will show the aftermath of DeAngelo's trial, it will also delve into a different cold case Michelle was investigating before her death.

Directed by Elizabeth Wolff, the episode will delve into the McNamara's investigation into the 1984 rape and murder of Kathy Lombardo, the case which inspired McNamara to investigate cold cases to begin with. A description for the special episode explained this with more detail:

"McNamara was just 14 years old when Kathy Lombardo was killed not far from where she lived, and this tragic, as yet unsolved crime would change the course of McNamara's life. This episode brings shocking new revelations to light in the Lombardo case and features the late McNamara's own research into the rape and murder, which led to her return to Oak Park in 2013 to investigate it on the ground, quickly finding inconsistencies in the police work."

McNamara's archival research, voice recordings, and interviews with residents will be included in the new episode and an official trailer has been released ahead of it's premiere on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, June 21st at 10pm. Check it out below:

Stay tuned!

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May 28, 2021

Didn't she overdose or something?

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