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Trailer: Netflix's "Cocaine Cowboys"


The true story behind Netflix's upcoming documentary series Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami almost two wild to be true. Essentially, two childhood friends, Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta were two of America’s richest and most notorious drug dealers for decades, considered superstars of the drug trafficking world, allegedly smuggled over 75 tons of cocaine into the US starting in 1978. Their dirty work helped transform Miami into the “Drug Capital of the World.”

Along the way, they served as middle-men for cartels (including Pablo Escobar’s Medellin) and famously transported drugs via speed boats, from South America to Florida and found themselves on the federal radar. In addition, they were hometown heroes, with the documentary's title "Cocaine Cowboys" (sometimes just “The Boys”) one of many nicknames they gained as they were said to give over $2 billion to the less fortunate and used their wealth to escape police persecution until it all finally caught up with them.

The six-part saga is directed by Billy Corben who actually made a 2006 feature film based on the story (also titled Concrete Cowboys) and here he will seek to expand on events that transpired. Ahead of the docuseries released on August 4th on Netflix, an official trailer has been released that you can check out below:

Stay tuned!

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Jul 24, 2021

The Wall. Build it.

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