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Trailer: Netflix's Drifting Home


Netflix may be having stock issues, but one thing that can be said is that among the many generic original films and shows, one arena they seem to do well in is animated material. With acclaimed shows such as Castlevania, Netflix is able to allow more material in the arena from anime to CGI animation. Drifting Home falls under the former category and today a new teaser has been released depicting the Ghibli-esque narrative as it follows two childhood friends who drift into a mysterious sea with an entire housing complex. Check it out below:

The film will land on Netflix on September 16th and is directed by Hiroyasu Ishida (who co-wrote the script with Hayashi Mori and Minaka Sakamoto). Ishida previously directed the acclaimed 2018 anime adaptation of the Japanese science fiction novel Penguin Highway.

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26 kwi 2022

This isn't the type of anime that turns you into a pervert is it? I don't want to be transformed into some kind of anime addicted pervert.

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