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Trailer: "Sam & Kate"


At it's very core, the upcoming romantic comedy Sam & Kate is a family affair with legendary actors playing parents to their real kids. As Dustin Hoffman's character Bill plays the ailing father to Jack Hoffman's character Sam, Sissy Spacek's character Tina plays mother to her daughter Schuyler Fisk who in turn plays Sam's love interest Kate. The film is far from complex, seeing titular characters fall for each other in conjunction with Bill and Tina doing the same. But this feature directorial debut by Darren Le Gallo (who also wrote the script) conveys a sweetness that is rarely seen in cinematic romances these days. A simple, small town adventure of discovering (or rediscovering) love of another and love of life as the trailer indicates:

The film won't win any awards, despite having acclaimed actress Amy Adams serving as an executive producer, but perhaps it lacking lofty accolade-driven goals will work in it's favor to simply allow an entertaining tale of romance to bloom. In addition, there is enough appreciation for the film among it's creative forces that not only will it get a classic theatrical release on November 11th but will first premiere at the Austin Film Festival which runs from October 27th to November 3rd. This confidence to expose it to critics before the theatrical release and not releasing it simultaneously on streaming to secure more profit (a common practice for smaller indie films they days) also add reassurance. Here's hoping all signs point to a tender tale that is as rare these days as anything else. Stay tuned!

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