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Trailer: "The Spanish Princess: Part 2"


Emma Frost (No, not the comic book character, the showrunner) has graced Starz with several miniseries adapted from the works of Philippa Gregory. While only loosely connected, the shows together essentially tell a rough timeline of several royal lineages of England. And even more interesting is the strange pattern these shows have. The first miniseries, The White Queen, actually was a breakout role for actress Rebecca Ferguson as it's follow-up, The White Princess, was for actress Jodie Comer.

However, unlike those first two, the current miniseries, The Spanish Princess which focuses on Catherine of Aragorn as she became the Queen of England and first wife to King Henry VIII, was actually composed as a 16-part story. So, because of this, this series was broken into two parts. The first eight-episodes premiered last year and the second eight-episodes (Labeled as "Part 2") will begin their run on October 11th of this year, concluding the overall story in the process.

Today, the official trailer has been released for The Spanish Princess: Part 2, showing that war will more than one way. Check it out below:

The Spanish Princess was co-created by Matthew Graham.

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