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"Upgrade" TV Series Scripts Written, Blum Disappointed by Film's BO


Despite the 2018 cyberpunk action film Upgrade getting critical acclaim, the film only managed to make $17 million worldwide at the box office. That being said, it did only have a $3 million budget though the film's producer, Jason Blum, was still disappointed in the film's limited theatrical performance, believing the film's low box office didn't speak for it's greatness. In a new interview with Collider, he admits to how he should have handled the film's theatrical release while giving an update on the film's TV sequel series:

"Upgrade should have been a wide release. I was pissed about that. We're working on a TV show. So working on the scripts. This first round, didn't come out. I didn't get the response I wanted to get. I don't want to be in development. I want an order. We're working on the scripts again, so that we can get an order. And I don't want to develop it."

Blum went on to say he has ordered rewrites hoping that Upgrade will impress TV bosses enough to get a full-season order. The show will be set a few years after the events of the film and will see the film's original director/writer Leigh Whannell (now known for the acclaimed Invisible Man film) returning to help with the show's production. Pre-production is well underway though sounds like Blum will wait till he has great material before moving forward. Stay tuned!

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