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Video: Robin Williams Impersonator Releases "Robin" Screen Test


Shortly after Robin Williams' tragic death in 2014, comedian, voice actor, and impressionist Jamie Costa released a two-minute video of his spot-on impression of Williams and many of his beloved character. Titled “Never Had a Friend Like Him," Costa did a whirlwind montage of Williams’ most beloved characters, ranging from his early work like the show Mork & Mindy and his later dramatic works like Good Will Hunting and his voice work on Aladdin, (the title of the video was inspired by a Williams-sung song from this film). Now, seven years later, Costa is doubling down on many peoples' claims he should star in a biopic of the beloved actor and comedian with a five-minute short that Coasta has self-released that sees him submitting his own screen test for such a film with a moving performance as a young Williams.

The scene that Costa does sees Williams running lines on the set of Mork & Mindy when suddenly actress Sarah Murphree enters as Pam Dawber (the actress who played Mindy in the original show) to deliver some heartbreaking news. The video has received incredible reception with many hailing Costa as the ideal actor to bring the eclectic legend back to life for a full biopic. Check out the video below:

It be hard to find another actor in this day-and-age to bring Williams incredible career and life to the big screen as Costa seems to have spent years perfecting not just his impressions of Williams, but his understanding of the performer as a human being. And if anyone deserves a biopic, it is Robin Williams. And Costa clearly is ready to take up the responsibility of having it happen with heart and true dedication. Stay tuned!

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